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Electrolyzer kit

  • Fully automatic operation,
  • Controlled by the control box
  • Wifi connection
  • To assembled by user as per his layout and needed capacity.

WATER PURIFICATION By inline Electro-Peroxidation

1- Electric shock:
The current, passing through the fluid and temporarily modifying the pH, paralyses the bacterium and the virus.
2- Oxidizer creation:
The electrode’s alloy is going to react with the water’s minerals. This electrolysis reaction causes the creation of a compound of molecules including natural oxidizer such as ClO-, HClO- or H2O2 infiltrating bacterium and virus cells and destroying them.
3- Biofilm elimination:
The oxidizer being in the water will attack the biofilm which cover the pipes. The water is protected several days between each utilization.

What is inline electrolysis ?