BIO-UV offers a range of Ultraviolet systems for various applications to eradicate micro-organisms such as cryptosporidium, bacteria and virus.

Drinking Water and Industrial use
– 300 L/hr – 2,300 m3/hr and more.

Wastewater and REUSE
– 10 m3/hr – 900 m3/hr and more.

– 7 m3/hr – 2,000 m3/hr and more

Our ranges of 316L stainless steel or HDPE ensure a perfect water quality. Used in fresh- or sea-water these UV-C reactors answer the needs of professionals and end-users guaranteeing healthy water for the aquatic life. These units treat flows ranging from 0.5 to 1000 m3/hour.

The effective dose

The UV dose is equivalent to the UV energy that the living micro-organism has to absorb to be inactivated. The table below shows the UV-C dose levels (expressed in millijoules (mJ) /cm2) required to eradicate 99.9% of the micro-organisms.

The advantages

  • A concept that reduces the use of chemicals
  • Respect for the Environment and Ecologically Sustainable Solutions
  • A simple physical principle: no by-products or overdosing
  • Can be used in combination with other water treatment products
  • Reasonable costs for purchase and maintenance
  • Easy, quick, and modular installation