Animal mortality is not fatality

Connected assistance is planned success

We can only manage what we can measure

Our smart solution is not about changing the way farmers work but it’s about assistance and bringing more value to your work.

All farm employees will receive an alarm and be immediately notified whenever the pig is sick or dead or in wrong place.

WebApp's Dash Board

The dashboard gives a snapshot of real time data on farm performances

A selection of the most important KPI’s is displayed to help farmers visualize and monitor their data and compare them to set objectives.

MobApp to receive Alarm, Task, Notification,
recoding all events, and reporting about accomplishment.

Pigstech's mission is to create a better streamline workflow to save time on the farm by facilitating data entries and to Reduce paperwork, mistakes, and never miss a task or a pig out.

An everyday tool for farmers to start, execute and validate actions.

The MobApp collects and record data with little to no manual entry from all tasks and events such as:

treatments, birth, new entries, farrowing, servicing, litter records, heat days, culling, health related issues, alarms and more.

Collecting such valuable data is used to make quality reports on any individual animal, batch, herd as well as overall farm performances.