ISAGRI, a French company of 1200 employees, created 30 years ago, is the first European company publishing agricultural software. More than 110,000 customers are using the ISAGRI software in over 30 countries.

ISAGRI offers innovative solutions and technologies for farmers, ranchers, growers and food companies.


ISAGRI offers the EDIPORC software (“爱 猪 宝”) for technical and economic monitoring of PIG farms. The software EDIPORC (“爱 猪 宝”) fits all sizes of breeding farm from 100 to 50000 sows.

With EDIPORC, the farm manager will have all the information he needs to drive the farm and make quick decisions. For example, eliminate sows with poor performance, calculate feed consumption per kg of produced pork, calculate the growth of animals per day …

The farm manager can also edit the work schedules for employees.

With EDIPORC, you will beneficiate of over 25 years experience of farming management and regularly using the software, you will be able to win quickly one pig per sow per year.