HYDRA RAH 90 mcr stainless steel Sediment filter

  • Max working pressure 8 Bar
  • Temperature 4 to 45 °C
  • Indoor application
  • Recomended flow rate : 6000 l/h at 1inch inlet/outlet
  • Maintenance: open the bottom valve once a month for 1 minute
  • No need to replace the cartridge before three years

HYDRA DUO RSH 50 mcr with carbon block CB EC 1 mcr

Cyst Sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odour removal

1°stage cartridge enhance the efficiency of the 2° stage.
The two stages filtration will allow the CB EC carbon block cartridge to perfom with a better efficiency and with low pressure drop

  • Max working pressure 8 Bar
  • Temperature 4 to 45 °C
  • Indoor application
  • Recomended flow rate : 5000 l/h at 3/4 inch inlet/outlet

CB EC maintenance: change cartridge every 6 months

HYDRA TRIO Big Flow Complete 1″ Filter Set, 5000L/H Kit

Anti-Sediment, Anti-Cyst, Anti-Odor, Anti-Bad-Taste, Anti-Bacteria

HYDRA Trio 20 RAH 1” OT + CB-EC Cyst 20 SX 1mcr + AC 20N BX 0.2 mcr

  • Max working pressure 8 Bar
  • Temperature 4 to 45 °C
  • Replacement of the 1°stage cartridge at three year,
  • 1°stage cartridge enhance the efficiency of the 2° and the 3°stage.
  • The three stages filtration allow to perfom with a better filtration efficiency and with low pressure drop
  • Prefilter Maintenance: open the bottom valve once a month for 1 minute
  • CB EC and AC cartridge maintenance: change cartridge every 6 months

DP BIG 20 with CB EC 1 mcr CYST or Pb removal

DP BIG 20 with CB EC 1 mcr

  • Organic compound,
  • CYST removal or reduce heavy metal,
  • 1 inch connection plastic
  • Carbon Block filter 1mcr. to remove bad smell, bad taste, and any chemical in water
  • 5000 L/H High Flow rate capability
  • Outdoor installation


Prevention of iron and manganese into water

Polyphosphate prevents iron and manganese in the water, to prevent retard scale formation and corrosion in the water distribution system , and to reduce soluble lead and copper in potable water delivered to the consumer’s tap.

Polyphosphate is a safe material administered by American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1990. In the same year, the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) assumed responsibility for the total certification process.

Polyp- cartridge

Selected Properties of Phosphates for Potable Water Treatment

● Threshold Activity
● Deflocculation
● Chlorine Stability
● Hydrolytic Stability
● Safety

Cartridge will be replaced only when the polyphosphate is fully dissolved.

  • For an average daily consumption of 500 liter/day.
  • Total Treatment Capacity 100 m3
  • Cartridge Service life:
  • 7 – 9 month

Simple Chlorination

DOSAPLUS an economic solution for ReChlorination !

  • Two tablets of Chlorine TCCA concentrated at 90% for 2 to 3 ppm injection per liter of water,
    proportional to water flow up to 3000 L/H.
  • Capacity of 2 tablets : 100000 L.


DOSAPROP an economic solution for anti-scaling !

High Flow Filtration


  • 10 to 30m3/h Water Flow
  • Max working pressure 9 Bar
  • Temperature 4 to 80 °C
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316, output 2’’ BSP
  • 5 cartridges of 150, 100, 70, 50, 25, 10, or 1 mcr.

Media Filtration


  • Range of proportional cab softeners with EXCLUSIVE design and SUPERIOR PERFORMANCES
  • Time and Volume Based
  • IMD touch full color display

HELIOS softeners

HELIOS softeners exploit the exchange of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions with sodium (Na) ions, making flow the water to be softened through a bed of strong cationic resin. In fact, the resin is rich in sodium ions; the hard water is filtered and the ions responsible for the incrustations of limestone, calcium and magnesium, are retained on the surface of the resin and replaced by sodium ions, which salts do not cause deposits.

Adriatic Portable

Portable water softener with regeneration set and pre-filter removal of the total hardness, impurities, chlorine and chloride compounds


The JUPITER series water softeners by ATLAS FILTRI are made in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and make it possible to lower hardness with great benefits and savings in:

  • sanitary hot and cold drinking water circuits
  • hot water heating system boilers and their relative circuits
  • steam boilers and their relative circuits as well as condensate return
  • cooling and refrigerated water systems
  • evaporative towers
  • civil and industrial washing machines and dishwashers, launderettes
  • process water for raw materials and unfinished products
  • process water for the production of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products


RO 50 Application

  • for Laboratory use
  • 400 liter /day
  • Inlet municipal water
  • (TDS < 500ppm, 1 NTU max …)

OPTIONAL – UV Lamp on permeate line


Activated Filter Media

Instructions for Use

  • Surface water and ground water treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Pre-treatment prior to reverse osmosis
  • Industrial process water & wastewater treatment
  • Municipal wastewater treatment

Activated Filter Media AFM® Benefits

  • Direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter.
  • Doubles the filtration performance of a sand filter by way of a simple media change.
  • AFM® -ng removes particles up-to 1µm as well as dissolved organic components, hydrocarbons and microplastics.
  • Effective removal of most protozoa, fungae, Cryptosporidium and bacterial flocs.
  • Highly improved SDI when used in pre-treatment.
  • Bio-resistant, will not support bacterial growth => no biofilm formation on AFM® surface.
  • Up to 50% reduction in backwash water consumption.
  • Manufactured to a precise specification under ISO-9001-2015.
  • NSF-61 certified for use in drinking water treatment.
  • HACCP certified for food & beverage production.
  • AFM® market proven performance >15 years without media replacement

Standard mixed bed layering with AFM®ng
Grade 1 and Grade 2

The best for the AFM® filtration performance is achieved when AFM®ng Grade 1 and AFM®ng Grade 2 is combined in a mixed bed layering.
This allows to reach high particle retention capacity at lowest differential pressure (energy saving) and optimized backwash performance due to improved filter bed expansion at lower backwash velocity (energy and water savings).

Drinking water, without chlorination

Mechanical Filtration System
by a succession of filters to treat water;

1/ Removing the suspended particles (sand or coarse particles)
by 100µm prefilter with Automatic drain valve,
No preventative maintenance.

2/ Disinfection by 0.01µm Ultrafiltration membranes
(with large contact surface of 7m2 per membrane).
It will retain and remove suspended particles, emulsified oils, metal hydroxides, colloids, solids, bacteria and viruses up to 0.01 µm, and still preserving minerals.