Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

Generator of Peroxide UltraPureTM (H2O2)

  • The Compelling Water Treatment Agent
  • Proven and efficient alternative to toxic biocides and water treatment agents
  • Generated directly at a safe concentration
  • No need for manual dilution and handling
  • No damage to emitters or irrigation equipment
  • Contains no additives and does not leave byproducts/smell after use
  • Generating a powerful water treatment agent
  • Using only water, air and electricity
  • Directly at the point of use, conveniently & safely
  • Returning to its elements following use

Big flow up to 100 m3/h

  • A-series from 0.5 kg / day and up to 5 kg / day
  • Recommended dose from 2 ppm continuous
  • Example: HPGen A1000 – maximum 1 kg / day,
  • Which can treat up to 500 m3 / day at 2 ppm continuous.

Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

HPGen solution dramatically reduced Coliform
– bacteria levels (including E.Coli and Salmonela) by >90% in less than 2 months