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For more than 50 years, ARDES has been manufacturing :

  • High quality, reliable and durable injection material that is competitively priced and faithfully used worldwide by veterinarians and livestock producers.

Syringes ARDES

  • Animal identification products (ear tags) made of high-grade polyurethane allowing softness and flexibility and offering high retention and lifetime readability.


  • Line of accessories essential for your identification needs (applicators, markers…)

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  • The electronic identification allows a higher reading simplicity and rapidity than visual ear tags, especially to automate animals traceability.  ARDES electronic ear tags are conceived to suit cattles, sheeps, goats and swines breeders’ needs. They are available in two sizes, in two technologies: HDX and FDX. The radio frequency identification permits to highlight the animal identification number, implementing solutions on the field: herd management software, milking parlor assistance, automatic weighing system, automatic animals count, automatic feed distribution…


  • Our advantages :
    • Approved by International Committee for Animal Recording, ARDES electronic ear tags were conceived in collaboration with theFrench Polytechnique Institute of Grenoble, expert in RFID technology, to guarantee an important reading distance and performances reliability.
    • Contrary to the competition, all ARDES electronic ear tags deliver constant reading performances. The assembly process between transponder and pla
      stic envelopes, made by ARDES, doesn’t spoil the signal performance produced by the electronic ear tag.
    • Respects ISO 11784 & 11785 standards, ICAR certification : The International Committee for Animal Recording certified ARDES electronic ear tags, in keeping with ISO 11784 & 11785 international rules. This certification, a quality token, ensures ear tags functioning with all ISO standards readers on the market.


RFID and Iman reader