The Clearwater Network is born more than ten years ago, in October 2009. A first office has been open in Bangkok, to be shortly followed by China. Then, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore are recent offices. We are offering a range of products linked to Water,  Livestock or Irrigation. Our success is based on our experiences and expertises about Dosatron’s Dosing Pumps, and on the quality of our services and maintenance.

Dosatronthe proportional water driven dosing pump, is the core of activity. It is used as medicator, also for sanitation, for biosecurity or water treatment,

In addition of standard dozers, Clearwater takes the challenges to promote the last technologies of Dosatron;

with the DIA most robust doing pump to aggressive chemical including acid and to particles in water, able to start at low pressure and low water flow. It is the dosing pump with lesser maintenance and longest life in the world.
with the D25AL5NVF which is in compliance with the food grade norm, thanks to new material and new design, with larger dosing range between 0.8 and 5.2%, therefore with possible calibration between 1 to 5%. It is the upgrade of the standard D25RE5.
with the Smart Dosing, equipped with hardware to register water flow, volume of injection, to alarm with failure if any, and supplied with a software to offer medication and vaccination traceability.
with special Water Line Dosing Pump to inject chlorine into water without altering the dosing part due to precipitation and scaling inner and very low dosing rate from 0.02%. The range start from low water flow up to 30m3/h. It can be installed in partial bypass, the injection can then be done in water flow up to 1000m3/h.

Water Treatment cannot be done anymore with only chlorine into water. Alone, It will not remove all biofilm with several bacteria in and it is often the cause of scaling. However, Chlorine in addition of another treatment will amplify the effect of both technologies. Clearwater has research and replied to the farmer demand to find cheap equipment with simple technology, for the problem of their water, for the size of their farm, or for individual treatment house per house.

Filtration is the first need in water treatment, first to protect equipment and water network, and second to purify the water up to be drinkable. Filters will stop Sediments, excess of minerals, Micro-organism, Cist, Algae, Fungus, Bacteria, and Virus. It cannot be done with only one filter. A progression of filters with different material and decreasing sizes up to nanometer will be a very good solution with very affordable price.

Ultraviolet treatment is also a cheap solution with different size and adapted power to kill bacteria and even virus. It can be coupled with filter removing particles in water to have better effect by UV, to another filter after the UV treatment to clean the waste in water, and afterward with a dosing pump to inject chlorine keeping water clean of any intrusion of individual bacteria from crack in pipe, pipe joint or by drinking point.

Ultrasound, a new technology, it will make vibration into the water up to a certain distance. It will avoid bacteria to fix itself in pipe and softly clean pipes of bio-film layer by layer. Installed downstream to a dosing pump injecting chlorine, the ultrasound will amplify the effectiveness up to pushing chlorine into micro-crack or joint in pipe.

Ozone is the best oxidant after nuclear radiation. An O3 generator injecting by ppm into water will kill all what is alive in water. It must be used with precaution not to exceed the right concentration to disinfect water, and to keep a minimum up to nipples.

Finally, Clearwater has made an Electrolysis System, named Dosalys, constituted of filters, of dosing pump to inject salt, and electro-cells to transform the salt into Hypochlorous Acid, one the best oxidant after Ozone. The control box is connectable to wifi to upload measurements of water quality and the wearing of the electro-cells. It will kill all Cist, micro-organism, bacteria, and Virus. Bio-film will not resist too. It is also good for the metabolism of animals which will increase their health by drinking more water. There are two models, one for 80m3/day, and other one for 40m3/day. Iron needs to be removed from water to install Dosalys in a farm.